On the Radio, Part Two

In case you missed the original broadcast, KFAI will host the audio of the program for approximately two weeks. Here’s the link:


On the Radio

Good evening!

As I write this, the flying bicycle scene from E.T. is on in the background. It still hits me the same way it did when I was a kid. For that matter, so does making music, and that’s what I’m here to talk about.

Sunday morning, I’m grateful to KFAI for allowing me to host an hour of live programming on their WAVE Project. If you can, tune in on Sunday to catch this. Details will be below. Even though the site shows a photograph of me and has a couple of sentences about my background, I’m personally most excited about the involvement of the others. I’m hoping that I’ll pick up some insight into other artists’ experience; I’m always open for inspiration, after all!

KFAI – WAVE Project90.3FM in Minneapolis
106.7FM in Saint Paul
Worldwide at

Have a wonderful night and I’ll talk to you soon!





I was recently (about an hour ago, in fact) thanked for “vomiting emotion all over (my) songs”. The phrase struck me deeply and instantly.

You see, no matter what I’m doing, where I am, or what is making me laugh uncontrollably, whenever I write a song it is a snippet of me at some point in my life – good or bad. I’ve been through far less trauma than most people; however, I know that what I’ve felt in the past walks beside me every day. That, indubitably, comes out in my songs. I’m happy they’re that transparent.

On September 16th, I’ll be hosting a radio show on KFAI at 10am. Quite honestly, I’m very nervous. Most of that is because I’m very excited to hear about the experiences others will share about their creative process. I’ll be fortunate enough to have several artists on this show to discuss what inspires them and makes them do what they do, from sculpting to poetry to music. I’m nervous but excited and I think exploring that connection will be a lot of fun!

The day before, I’ll be part of the two-year anniversary of a super-cool local business: Smarty Pants in Eden Prairie. I’ll be playing music from about 2:30 to 4 but there will be events going on all day from 10 to 6. This is a great store for children (and their parents) and you should make it a point to stop by there even if it’s not during the time I’m playing or even that day. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write some songs for kids.


Saturday, September 15th
Smarty Pants – Eden Prairie
2:30pm – 4pm (the event takes place from 10am – 6pm and there’s a TON of great stuff going on!)

Sunday, September 16th
10am – 11am and 90.3FM (Minneapolis)/106.7FM (Saint Paul)



As you may already know, I don’t like to slow down. I’m a bit restless.

Pardon my use of future past tense, but after these last two weeks it will have been a show on Monday, an open mic on Tuesday, rehearsal on Thursday, a possible pop-in gig on Friday, changing strings in my apartment courtyard on Sunday, playing outside on Nicollet on Monday, another open mic/recording session on Tuesday, and a Thursday gig in Saint Paul followed by a band rehearsal. Not every two-week stint is that musically busy, but you get the idea: I’m restless.

I have some really cool news revolving around the radio show I’ll be hosting on September 16th at 10am. Radio show – awesome, huh? It’s made possible by KFAI’s Wave Project, which enables any community member to apply for and host their own one-hour program. My program will include other creative sorts and be an open forum of creative methodology. Participants will discuss inspiration and motivation behind their creativity and perform their works on air.

I can’t speak for exactly how the others will impart their art; however, what you’ll hear from me will span the creative cycle. From spark to “finished” product, I’ll pick a couple of songs on which to provide background, deconstruct, and perform – live on the air. For more information about KFAI and its commitment to volunteer-run community radio, visit their web site at



P.S. And hey, here are some places I’ll be playing over the next few weeks:

Thursday, August 16th
Groundswell – Saint Paul
6pm – 8pm

Saturday, August 25th
Hopkins Art Center – Open Your Heart to Art presented by Free Arts Minnesota
10am – 6pm (there will be music throughout the day and I’ll be playing on the earlier side of things – check it out!)

Saturday, September 1st
Dunn Bros – Hopkins
3pm – 5pm


Mid-July Update

Thank you for supporting local music (and I’m not just talking about me). A lot is said about making sure local places get your business, and the same is true for music. Not only did I receive a lot of encouragement from you, including a few people saying “I didn’t know you were a musician”, I also received some notes stating “hey, I have a friend who is also a local musician. You should check him/her out” and I loved it. The music community here in the greater Minneapolis area is quite vibrant.

Over the last couple of weeks I have seen wonderful local music ranging from the soft and sweet ukulele tones of Savannah Smith to the communal rhythm and dance of OSO along with Twin Cities Bomba. It makes me truly appreciate Minneapolis all that much more to see these artists working alongside each other and collaborating towards inventive outcomes.

Among so many who I’ll mention in upcoming newsletters, one such artist who is providing this opportunity is Geoffrey Fischbein, a local performer who seems to have a knack for bringing artists together to perform every single week at “Open Every Monday”, hosted at Acadia Cafe in West Bank. If you read my last newsletter, you’re probably saying “a-ha, that’s the West Bank show to which John was mysteriously referring!” and you’d be right. I’m fortunate enough to be playing a 50-minute set there starting at 8PM (come slightly early for tasty food and a great drink selection) and you should make it a point to etch into your brain this fact: I can go to the Acadia every Monday to see fantastic local artists. And you should.

Finally, I’ve been asked so many times when I’ll have an album out. Trust me, I’ve heard all of these and every time I respond with “it’s in the works” I just ask myself why it’s not done. I have what I feel are great songs and I’m working on putting them down in a fully-arranged format for your enjoyment, but…it’s still not done. What I do have to offer you while you continue to patiently wait is a three-song E.P. that you can get from me at shows. It’s very basic and consists of one-take versions of three of my songs. Just me and my acoustic guitar and a little bit of reverb and chorus, nothing more. “My 3 Songs” will be available for you at any of my performances or via request.

May your days be great and full of wonderful music!




Summer Heat!

With how hot it’s been lately, it’s impossible to deny that summer is firmly here. It’s a special time of year for many, full of cookouts and gatherings of all sorts. I’m happy to be among my family in Ashland during the first part of this month and I’m very excited for all things musical to come in the busy weeks ahead.

Here in Northern Wisconsin, I’ll be playing a Tuesday evening show on the 3rd at the town’s bandshell, right on Lake Superior. I’ll be returning after the holiday to Minneapolis, where I’ll be performing at the Hopkins Dunn Bros on Saturday, July 7th. Tuesday, the 10th I’ll pop in to The Depot Coffee House in Hopkins. July 16th I’ll be in Saint Paul at Groundswell. I’m trying to iron out the details for a July 30th set on the West Bank and will share the details of that once it’s confirmed. Stay very tuned.

I wish you well and hope to see you at a show soon!


P.S. As always, check my web site at for the latest schedule and information. Grazie!


Third Thursdays at Groundswell

Groundswell ( is a coffee shop in Saint Paul that has asked me if I’d be interested in playing there once a month. I said yes and am pleased to announce that, starting in August, I’ll be playing the third Thursday of every month there through the end of the year. Most of these shows will take place from 6 to 8 in the evening. I’m also playing there on Monday, July 16th if you simply can’t wait!