Working for the Weekday

Most of you music lovers out there are aware that new music is released on Tuesdays. Not that I was looking to start a revolution (or actually could), but I released my last album “Here’s Something” on a Sunday. This year, I’ve picked the last day of March to release my next body of work. I’m such a procrastinator that I absolutely need a deadline or I will let things linger. So, approximately every six months, I’m going to put something out there, and it might be a full album, or might be a three-song EP, or whatever. But at least those deadlines are there to keep me going.

The working title has been “Winter Release” and I realized recently that this is a good example of a non-risque double entendre. I had in mind that I would release it at the end of winter (this year, that’s March 19th). Maybe I still will and surprise you all. But it also means, to me, “a release from winter” and that would be appropriate for this winter in Minnesota. We’re all looking for release here from what’s been a particularly-cold winter season. The good news is that it’s given me a chance to hibernate and work on some new music, which will officially come to you in about two months!



P.S. While that’s underway, “Here’s Something” is available for streaming, rocking out, and free download here:

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