Failure is, for some people, the ultimate “F-word”. It brings about another “F-word”: fear. Fear of failure.

I was thinking about this today because there are so many people out there who are more successful than I am. It could be at a variety of things that they’re “better”. One could think about that and fear being a failure and therefore not even try. I was like that once but that’s not me anymore. I may not be the best at anything, but I’m willing to address failure by trying. I’ll sometimes still be anxious about it, sure, but I’d rather fail because I tried than fail at failing because I didn’t try at all.

On that note, I had found ways to procrastinate officially releasing something for quite some time, wanting it to be perfect. So when I finally gave myself a deadline by the end of September to release something, I had to address that fear of failure head-on. What I found out was that there’s good and bad, awesomeness and mistakes on what I released, but I needed to put something out there so that I wouldn’t just sit in limbo waiting. And I’m so glad I stopped waiting because it helped me reaffirm something I already knew: that I can only fail by not trying.

I’m pleased to present to you my new album “Here’s Something”. Go to my web site ( and look for the word “music”. Stream, download, or just stare. Please share your thoughts through whatever means you wish and I look forward to seeing you soon!


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Right on. Hey, that’s my motto: You can’t fail if you don’t stop. I’m glad you aren’t letting fear of failure stop you. I also used to do this. It’s so nice when you realize that failure is a building block to joyous living. The more we fail the better chance we have of following the right path and becoming more skilled and foresightful at what we do. Cheers, wise friend.

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