I was recently (about an hour ago, in fact) thanked for “vomiting emotion all over (my) songs”. The phrase struck me deeply and instantly.

You see, no matter what I’m doing, where I am, or what is making me laugh uncontrollably, whenever I write a song it is a snippet of me at some point in my life – good or bad. I’ve been through far less trauma than most people; however, I know that what I’ve felt in the past walks beside me every day. That, indubitably, comes out in my songs. I’m happy they’re that transparent.

On September 16th, I’ll be hosting a radio show on KFAI at 10am. Quite honestly, I’m very nervous. Most of that is because I’m very excited to hear about the experiences others will share about their creative process. I’ll be fortunate enough to have several artists on this show to discuss what inspires them and makes them do what they do, from sculpting to poetry to music. I’m nervous but excited and I think exploring that connection will be a lot of fun!

The day before, I’ll be part of the two-year anniversary of a super-cool local business: Smarty Pants in Eden Prairie. I’ll be playing music from about 2:30 to 4 but there will be events going on all day from 10 to 6. This is a great store for children (and their parents) and you should make it a point to stop by there even if it’s not during the time I’m playing or even that day. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write some songs for kids.


Saturday, September 15th
Smarty Pants – Eden Prairie
2:30pm – 4pm (the event takes place from 10am – 6pm and there’s a TON of great stuff going on!)

Sunday, September 16th
10am – 11am and 90.3FM (Minneapolis)/106.7FM (Saint Paul)

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