Feel The Heat


Here in Minnesota, we can finally start talking about how we’re getting the weather we deserve after enduring our bitter, seemingly never-ending winter. It’s very hot!

Sometimes you go through bitter things that seem like they will go on forever. And sweet times that, while you’re in them, you hope never have to end. Before you go thinking I’m about to reveal something wrong, stop worrying; all’s well. But the start of summer (the change in any season, really) gets me thinking about the passage of time. For me, the last couple of months have involved a great work/personal trip to San Francisco and then being sick for three weeks after that. Life’s a mix.

During that time, I didn’t even pick up my guitar. When I once again felt like playing and started, I didn’t want to stop. I love music. It fires me up, man!

Is there a lesson to be learned? Maybe, but if not, just know that if you have a passion for something not to worry if you’ll come back to it. There’s probably even a Nicholas Sparks book about something like that.

All you can do is move forward the best you can and feel that heat from whatever lights your passion. I’m happy to be back to a place where I can play and write music again. And as usual, I hope you are also doing well.


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