Just a little over 24 hours after I send this, Alethea and I will be hopping onto a plane and flying first class to Cancun. Actually, only our first-class time there will be from Minneapolis to Detroit, but that’s still counts!

While there, we plan to touch pyramids and go snorkeling and enjoy some time away. Upon our return, we’ll both have jobs and family and responsibilities to manage. One of the things I’ll be pushing myself hard to do is to finish the album I’ve been rapping about so far this year, with seemingly little to show.

That changes now, though, as I’m sending you a snippet (yes, it’s tiny, but – just like that first-class flight to Detroit – it still counts!) of the second track of my upcoming album. Titled “Able to See”, it’s a song that I wrote in 2009 while walking around Lake Harriet. Check it out:


Welcome back! I’ll be playing this song and many more at the rescheduled Wild Tymes show in Saint Paul on April 10th. That should give me enough time to get over any sunburn and get reacclimated to “real life”. I’ll fill you all in on the album as it develops and share my thoughts via words and audio and video and whatever else there is.

Until next time, be safe and well and spread a little of your light to the rest of your existence!



P.S. Before I forget, I’ll be hosting another radio show on KFAI on June 23rd. Friends will be joining me. As this is late-breaking new, I’m not even typing full, comprehensible sentences. I call it “pre-trip eagerness” and it’s similar to when you’ve had too much caffeine.


Wednesday, April 10th
Wild Tymes – Saint Paul, MN


It’s Finally Here!

“Spring is finally here!”

That’s what we’ll be saying in a couple of weeks. For now, the folks of the greater Minneapolis/Saint Paul area are getting a steady downward stream of snow. Today, scraping our windshield, shoveling our sidewalks, and trying to keep our balance are all distracting us from the upcoming Vernal Equinox.

I can’t personally help you with any of that, although I can wish you luck. What I can tell you is that I’m nearing completion with my first official full-length release, a compendium of music written prior to 2012. The album, titled Something Old, will be released online and you’ll hear about it via this newsletter, social media, my web site, et al., when it’s complete.

Full thanks will accompany the electronic media booklet but I haven’t been able to do any of this alone. Most of all, I thank you for reading this and offering support to me and other local musicians. I’m human and full of strengths and faults like anyone, and I rely daily on those around me. Thank you for additional inspiration and motivation when I need it the most.

Tonight, I’m headed to the studio for a few hours to work some more on some old material. In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be playing an opening slot at Wild Tymes. Kudos to DEMO ( for putting on these events to support various artists.