As you may already know, I don’t like to slow down. I’m a bit restless.

Pardon my use of future past tense, but after these last two weeks it will have been a show on Monday, an open mic on Tuesday, rehearsal on Thursday, a possible pop-in gig on Friday, changing strings in my apartment courtyard on Sunday, playing outside on Nicollet on Monday, another open mic/recording session on Tuesday, and a Thursday gig in Saint Paul followed by a band rehearsal. Not every two-week stint is that musically busy, but you get the idea: I’m restless.

I have some really cool news revolving around the radio show I’ll be hosting on September 16th at 10am. Radio show – awesome, huh? It’s made possible by KFAI’s Wave Project, which enables any community member to apply for and host their own one-hour program. My program will include other creative sorts and be an open forum of creative methodology. Participants will discuss inspiration and motivation behind their creativity and perform their works on air.

I can’t speak for exactly how the others will impart their art; however, what you’ll hear from me will span the creative cycle. From spark to “finished” product, I’ll pick a couple of songs on which to provide background, deconstruct, and perform – live on the air. For more information about KFAI and its commitment to volunteer-run community radio, visit their web site at



P.S. And hey, here are some places I’ll be playing over the next few weeks:

Thursday, August 16th
Groundswell – Saint Paul
6pm – 8pm

Saturday, August 25th
Hopkins Art Center – Open Your Heart to Art presented by Free Arts Minnesota
10am – 6pm (there will be music throughout the day and I’ll be playing on the earlier side of things – check it out!)

Saturday, September 1st
Dunn Bros – Hopkins
3pm – 5pm